Acoustic Cutter Features

*.wav file format
Acoustic cutter supports the standard file format.
Feature rich wave display
The wave display with time lineal and wave overview allows easy zooming and selecting.
Cut, copy and paste inside Acoustic cutter.

coming soon ...

Record complete new files or overwrite selected pieces of existing recordings.
Standard cut, copy and paste, using standard clipboard format and allowing exchange with other programms.
Create, edit and move custom marker for time stamps and time ranges.
ASIO support
Use the ASIO* driver architecture alternatively to the standard windows multimedia driver.
more file formats
Other standard file formats will follow. Also a private file format for storing the complete environment.
Format conversions
Convert recordings to other sampling frequencies or bit depth.
Normalise, fade in fade out, crossfade, ...
PlugIn support
Insert PlugIns in the output section and freeze the processed data into the recording. Support for VST2* and later VST3* is planned.
* ASIO and VST are trademarks and software of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH
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