Under the name digilogue I publish some audio tools I program in my spare time. You can read about my progress and plans in my blog. If you have any questions ...
BlueLine VST3 PlugIns: Comprehensive set of standard audio processing tools.

First BlueLine prototype loaded in VST3PluginTestHost - check out more screenshots

Download the PlugIns for Windows (will be soon available).

  • all in work
Planned features
  • full set of standard audio processing tools: parametric EQ, compressor, gate, delay, chorus, flanger, phaser, reverb and more

More features...

Acoustic Cutter: Fast, easy audio editing and recording.

Acoustic Cutter
Acoustic Cutter in action - check out more screenshots

Acoustic Cutter will be a very powerfull audio editor.

Download the application for Windows. The latest preview release is 0.41.

  • load/store *.wav files
  • display waveform with zoom
  • playback and recording of audio
  • edit functions
Planned features
  • advanced recording (punch in/out)
  • plugin support
  • more fileformats

More features...

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